Friday, October 22, 2010


I looked up into the sky and saw more stars than I had facebook friends. I woke in the morning and watched a sun rise that created beautiful colors in the sky like no artist has ever been able to create. I marveled at the trees that soared above my head regardless of how we poison the ground they grow in. I stood in wonder at the mountains that glistened in the distance. Smiled as the animals graze in the fields and the dew dripped from the gorgeous flowers. I breathe in the air and wonder how did we become so blessed to live in such glory yet so ungrateful and uncaring that we quit noticing it.

How is it we are to worship this awesome God that created all things, that we are to love a God who loves us unfailing yet we cannot even take a moment in our day for Him? We push it off for later or another day. We bargain with ourselves and say – I’ll do it tomorrow – He won’t mind for He sees how busy I am. How is it that we are called to do one thing, and that is follow our Creator, yet we can’t spare a moment to do this?
When did getting coffee, rushing kids to school, hurrying to beat traffic to work and the other busyness of our day take over our main directive? We were called to love yet I can’t remember the last time I saw someone slow down to do just that. To give a moment to the old lady crying in the streets, to help the gentleman struggling to put his groceries in the car or to stop and comfort a mother who seems to be hanging on by a thread. When was the last time we stopped our busy lives to love another?

We, and by we, I mean Christians, go to church on Sundays, attend our fellowships and study groups. We do all the things “modern church” calls us to do. We read the Bible when we have time yet we do not hear what those words are calling us to do. We turn our heads when we see someone in need. Out of meanness or anger? No not usually – usually because we are just so busy with our own things – so busy with busyness that we forgot what we just heard on Sunday in Church or was taught in group or even what we just read in our morning devotion.

Funny Christians are so worried about the government taking the word God out of our money or our pledges. We worry what the atheist is doing to undermine our faith. We question other religions and their rights to spread their beliefs. Though truth be told that is not what is going to harm all the work Christ accomplished in coming and dying for us. Truth be told it will be the busy Christian who does the most harm.

So today, as I breathe in this morning air and look around me at all the wonders our God has provided us (and no that does not include the Mercedes or the luxury homes!). I hope and I pray that God will change my heart. That God will help me see past my busyness and truly live like He asked me to live. That He will forgive me for my ignorance and bless me with knowledge and humbleness. Today I pray God will help me stop being a Christian and help me start being His disciple. I pray that if for only a moment each of you, Christian or not, will receive the same blessing and remember that in all this wonder we are called to live for Him and not busyness.

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